Magic Kaito 1412 Episodes 7 through 10 Confirmed; “Phantom Lady” to Be Adapted for the First Time

As a follow-up to the recent confirmation of the first six episodes of Magic Kaito 1412, episodes seven through ten have also been confirmed:

Nov 15—Ep 7 / Based on Chapter 4
“Kuroba Kaito’s Busy Holiday”

Nov 22—Ep 8 / Based on Chapter 10
“The Adult’s Charm”

Nov 29—Ep 9 / Based on Chapters 29-30
“Phantom Lady”

Dec 6—Ep 10 / Based on Chapters 29-30*

This batch will include the first ever adaptation of the “Phantom Lady” two-parter from the Magic Kaito manga. Additionally, episode ten’s title of “Ryoma” suggests it will incorporate elements from the Conan and Kid showdown from the main Detective Conan series. Whether or not it will be a retelling from Kid’s point of view is not yet confirmed.

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Ending 49 to Debut in January

ValsheAfter a new opening from Mai Kuraki which began airing last week, a new ending for the Detective Conan anime has just been  announced.  Entitled “君への嘘 (Kimi e no Uso)” or “Lie to You”,  it will be sung by VALSHE who had made her debut in the anime with the recent 37th opening “Butterfly Core”.

The song will be released in Japan on the February 4th, 2015 with its first broadcast date yet to be revealed.

Source:  Valshe’s Official Website

Opening 39 to Begin Early with Episode 757

Detective Conan Episode 757 Thumbnail NTVAccording to a program listing on NTV’s website, the episode airing November 1st will come with the premiere of the series’ thirty-ninth opening: “Dynamite” by Mai Kuraki. It was previously announced that the song would be the theme song to the upcoming two-hour special The Disappearance of Edogawa Conan ~The Two Worst Days in History~ when it premieres in December. This marks a notably short run for the current opening– “Greed” by newcomers KNOCK OUT MONKEY–which will be replaced after appearing in only twelve episodes.

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Interview with Gosho Aoyama in January

Ask Gosho dayAs has been the case in the last few years, Gosho Aoyama will once again be taking up some of his time during his Christmas and New Year holidays to answer several questions from fans surrounding the Detective Conan manga and his work in general. This annual encounter, the “Let’s Talk with Aoyama Gosho-sensei Day“, is set to be held on January 3rd, 2015 in the Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory located in Hokuei, Aoyama’s hometown, in the Tottori Prefecture.

Detective Conan Episode 754 Now Streaming on Crunchyroll; Full Simulcast Details Revealed

Detective Conan 754After a long wait, Detective Conan is finally making its simulcast debut! Episode 754—”The Tragedy of the Red Woman (Steam)”—is now available for viewing on Crunchyroll’s website, complete with English subtitles. To watch the episode, click here.

New episodes will be added every Tuesday at 3:00 PM EDT. Detective Conan episodes on the website are available in SD, 480p, 720p, and even 1080p (with HD options reserved for subscribers).  You may begin a free 14 day trial of their premium subscription service here, which costs $6.95 a month and includes HD and subtitled access to all of their anime offerings without any advertisements.

Given the great deal of speculation surrounding this point since the original announcement, we are pleased to confirm that the Crunchyroll subtitles do retain the original Japanese names, the Japanese episode order, and Japanese honorifics.

This is the first time in years that there has been an officially-subtitled Detective Conan episode, so should you wish to see the series become a success and continue indefinitely, please show your full support. Tell your friends that may be interested and consider adding a review for the series on Crunchyroll’s website.

Conan & Kindaichi DS Translation Subsite Open: Full English Release Expected in December

TestWe have long been preparing our translation for one of our most challenging and ambitious projects: a complete English localization of the Nintendo DS video game Detective Conan & Kindaichi Case Files: Chance Encounter of 2 Great Detectives.

We are nearly at the point where we can finally make it available to everyone to enjoy. The game has required more time than virtually any other endeavor we have ever tackled, with a script as long as all of the Detective Conan movies combined. Coupling that with disassembling all of the game data and reworking all of the game’s graphics into English has been a monumental task, but we are doing our best to meet everyone’s expectations.

For more information on the game, check out the new Conan & Kindaichi Subsite. There, you can learn how you will be able to play as well as check out screenshots and videos from the history of the project.

Our current estimated window for release is DECEMBER 2014. Stay tuned for more information as we continue working toward our targeted date and feel free to discuss the project on our forums in the designated discussion topic.

Detective Conan Kindaichi Cast Portrait

Latest Detective Conan Episodes to be Simulcast Subtitled on Crunchyroll! [UPDATE]

Crunchy Roll Case ClosedAt long last, it has been announced that all new episodes of Detective Conan will be simultaneously streamed around the time of their Japanese airing on Crunchyroll. The episodes will be available to viewers in the United States and Canada, subtitled in English.

Their press release is reproduced below:

One of the announcements from Crunchyroll’s NYCC panel this morning was the addition of Case Closed, AKA Great Detective Conan. More information is coming, but for now you can get ready to add more whoddunnits to your weeks in the future with simulcast episodes of the long-running mystery anime.

Case Closed will be available in the United States and Canada.

Based on the Weekly Shonen Sunday manga by Gosho Aoyama—which has been serialized since 1994, racking up 85 volumes and counting along the way—the Case Closed anime series has quite the history behind it. It’s been running since 1996, and soon you’ll be able to catch the latest episodes on Crunchyroll.

UPDATE: A further post on the Crunchyroll website has clarified that they will only be streaming the latest simulcast episodes at this time, meaning back catalogue episodes are not currently included. It is currently unknown which episode count will be used (as the original Case Closed localization split specials into multiple half-hour parts and counted each as a separate episode), though it would stand to reason the Japanese episode numbers are most likely. It is likewise unconfirmed whether Crunchyroll will utilize the Case Closed dub names or not, but precedent suggests the Japanese names will remain intact.

As stated in the update, however, the exact start date has not yet been revealed:

And now for a title that many of you have been asking for, Case Closed, known in Japan as Detective Conan, will finally be making its simulcast debut here on Crunchyroll for members in the USA and Canada! Details on air times will be announced later, and we will be only streaming the simulcast episodes at this time.

Kayumi Iemasa, Voice Actor of James Black, Passes Away at 80

Kayumi Iemasa James BlackVoice actor Kayumi Iemasa, who portrayed a litany of iconic anime characters, passed away on September 30th at 80 years old. His career spanned decades, with performances as hundreds of recognizable characters in many, many successful series. Conan fans will recognize him as the voice of FBI head agent James Black, a role he performed from 2001 all the way to this year’s movie Dimensional Sniper. He also had a cameo role in the previous year’s crossover film Lupin the Third vs. Detective Conan: The Movie.

Unfortunately, it is expected that his performance in the eighteenth movie was his last recorded contribution to the Conan series.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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