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The long break is over.
After a long hiatus of the Detective Conan manga, a new chapter was published in the the latest Shonen Sunday issue (#34). Furthermore, this announcement was written on the cover of the magazine:

Conan is back – complete comeback of the weekly serialization.

As such, the irregular publication schedule that started back at March due to Gosho Aoyama’s hospitalization, is now over.
Throughout June, Shonen Sunday reprinted chapters 570-573.

On the anime side of things, last Saturday CrunchyRoll began releasing its subtitled episodes 3 days earlier than before, thus the delay between the episode’s airing in Japan and its release on CrunchyRoll has been decreased to 7 days. Formerly, CrunchyRoll streamed a new Detective Conan episode 10 days after it aired in Japan.
On its availability notes, CrunchyRoll says:

Case Closed episodes will now launch 3 days earlier, Saturdays at Noon PST.

Shonen Sunday


Conan Manga Back on Break Until Early Summer

Detective Conan Back on Break Until SummerAfter four new consecutive files, the new issue of Shonen Sunday (#27) announced that the Detective Conan manga will once again resume its hiatus until “early summer“. Starting from issue #28, Shonen Sunday will once again publish reprints of old Detective Conan files. No specific date was given for when exactly new files will be published again.

As previously reported, Gosho Aoyama announced in March that he had recently undergone surgery, and while the operation was a success, he would be remaining in the hospital until summer.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

New Manga File to be Published on May 13

Issue #22/#23 of Shounen Sunday announced that a new Detective Conan manga file will be published on May 13, with the magazine’s 24th issue.

This will be the first new file to be published since the hiatus started in March due to Gosho’s hospitalization. Issue #22/23 teases that the story of the new file (#921) will focus on Ran and Shinichi, and will tell how they first met.

It is not yet known whether Detective Conan’s printing will return to its regular schedule after File #921, or its publishing will remain irregular.

As previously reported, Gosho Aoyama announced in March that he underwent a surgery, and while the operation was a success, he still had to stay in the hospital until the summer. For the past month, Shounen Sunday reprinted old files of Detective Conan: #156-159 (the first case to feature Kaito Kid in Detective Conan).

Source: Anime News Network

More on Gosho’s Condition and the Immediate Future of the Manga

In addition to Gosho’s personal message, Shogakukan reports that Gosho already went in and out of hospital repeatedly last year, but decline to specify his illness for privacy reasons.

After File 920, which will be published in this week’s issue (SS #16), there will be no new file in issue #17. It is still unclear whether there will be a new file the following week (#18). Starting from issue #19, Shounen Sunday will run reprints of old Detective Conan files. When and how often new files will be published during Gosho’s hospital stay is still unclear.

Source: Yahoo Headlines

Gosho Aoyama Hospitalized Until Summer; Conan Publication To Be Irregular in the Interim

Gosho Aoyama Hospitalize MessageThe latest issue of Shounen Sunday includes a special message from Gosho Aoyama alongside the newest Detective Conan chapter. Recently, the author explains, he underwent surgery for an unnamed medical condition.

Although the procedure was reportedly a success, Aoyama will be hospitalized until summer. Further chapters of the Detective Conan manga will be published irregularly in the interim.

Source: Baidu

New Magic Kaito Chapters in October, Conan Manga Goes on Hiatus

mkFollowing the announcement of a Magic Kaito anime series adaptation a few weeks ago, Shonen Sunday’s latest issue is reporting that a new Magic Kaito story spanning 3 chapters will be published in October from the 44th to the 46th issue of the magazine. This will be the first Magic Kaito story to be published in 3 years. The latest volume was released in 2007.

Consequently, Detective Conan will be going on hiatus for several weeks. After File 908’s publication next week, no new file will be released until the end of October.

Case Closed Volume 51 Available Now, Volume 52 in October

caseclosedvolume51Case Closed continues to be published regularly in North America and related territories, where they have now surpassed fifty volumes. Volume 51 went on sale July 8th and is available both in paperback and digitally from various retailers. Those interested in the physical version may purchase it from several vendors, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Booksamillion, and RightStuf, while the digital version is available from the VIZ website, Amazon Kindle, Nook, and the iTunes Book Store.

You can also pre-order Case Closed Volume 52 now on participating retailers for an expected release date of October 14, 2014.