Movie 20 Becomes Highest Grossing Conan Film

Detective Conan Movie 20 PosterThe twentieth film in the Detective Conan franchise, The Darkest Nightmare, has become its highest grossing to date. The film, which features members of the Black Organization for the first time since 2009’s The Raven Chaser, remained at the top spot for three weeks prior to being bested by Disney’s likewise animated feature Zootopia. As of this week, the entry in the long-running series has grossed ¥5.43 billion ($50.1 million) since its Golden Week opening.

As detailed previously on World of KJ:

Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare is finally dethroned after enjoying three-consecutive weeks in first place. The Detective Conan films always drop over 50% over the post Golden Week weekend, so the large decline here isn’t surprising (in fact, if estimates hold, it’s slightly better than most previous entries). It’s either barely below or just above the ¥5 billion blockbuster milestone after this weekend, and having accomplished that achievement and becoming the highest-grossing film in the series, the only thing left for it to do now is to add more to it’s incredible total as it aims for ¥6 billion ($55 million).

Source: WOKJ

One thought on “Movie 20 Becomes Highest Grossing Conan Film”

  1. This is one of the best movies im waiting for.
    But wat i find weird is that,by the trailers the misterious woman look exactly as sera and akai.
    I want to see it because i have read all the mangas until date and this is just a theory.
    The misterious woman could be mary before she shrinked so this movie could be before sera moved to japan,the reason im waiting this movie because it seem this is the movie when conan finally becomes the silver bullet of the black organization and the demon in the darkness.
    The reason i think mary is the misterious woman is because it seem they dont show sera in the trailers (this movie could be before the episode when sera appears)besides that she is afraid of conan (this movie could explain that) other reason the hair color is the same,the eyes are the same and this could explain the reason of why mary moves from hotel to hotel when conan find sera hotel (and why sera have money to spare)
    Well maybe this movie could be the end of the series something similar to naruto the movie is the final episode.

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