Detective Conan & Kindaichi Case Files: Chance Encounter of 2 Great Detectives

Detective Conan & Kindaichi Case Files: Chance Encounter of 2 Great Detectives is a Nintendo DS video game developed by Namco-Bandai Games. Considered by many to be the definitive Conan game, it marks the first occasion that Japan’s two most beloved anime-manga detectives crossed paths.

Originally released in Japan in 2009, years passed with no word of an English localization. Acknowledging it was unlikely that not only this game but most–if not all–future Detective Conan games would similarly never see English releases, we at DCTP decided to try our hand at translating the full game for everyone to enjoy.

The game is played similarly to a visual novel, but with investigation aspects and mini-games incorporated. Players are able to visit various locations at a given time and examine the environments they come across. The game is played from the perspectives of both Edogawa Conan and Kindaichi Hajime at differing points. A typical playthrough of the game will last around 40 hours. The game spans seven chapters, with the seventh and final chapter allowing you to choose to play as either character. The final chapter is meant to be played as both characters to fully complete the game as it plays out very differently depending on the character you have chosen.

The project took hundreds of dedicated hours to put together over a matter of several years. Between disassembling the game data, re-doing all of the graphics and user interface into English, and of course translating the nearly 500 scripts that make up the game’s dialogue, the game has been a challenge for everyone involved. At the onset, we worked on the game between other Conan commitments, but later were able to concentrate the bulk of our efforts on finally making it available to everyone.

After many years of work, we are proud to announce the complete English patch is finally complete and available for download below!

DISCLAIMER: This is a completely NON-PROFIT effort by fans of the franchises involved. Absolutely NO monetary gain is expected or being sought as a result of this English patch being made available. This project is only intended to allow international fans of the franchises involved to experience a game that otherwise was not localized and thus not available for purchase locally. Again: This patch and all content therein are being made completely free-of-charge with no expectation of remittance.

Detective Conan & Kindaichi Case Files on NDS — COMPLETE ENGLISH PATCH

NOTE: This is only the English patch. You cannot play the game with only this patch. Please continue reading below to obtain the rest of the materials needed to play.




PLEASE NOTE: We have done our best to ensure the game is completable and free of bugs. However, if a gamebreaking glitch is discovered, we will promptly attempt to fix the issue and release an updated version of the game. We make no guarantees that this will not be the case and request your patience should such a bug be found. Please report any major, gamebreaking issues in this topic on the forums.

How to Play in English on your PC


To play the game in English, you will need to download 1) an original Japanese copy of the game, 2) the DCTP patch file to translate the game to English, 3) a patching program, and 4) an emulator. This guide will walk you through the process step-by-step. Ultimately, you will only need a PC, Mac, or DS with a flash card to play the game.

  1. Original Japanese ROM of the Game
    For legal reasons, we cannot provide a link to the Japanese ROM file of the game. If you do not have the equipment or means to purchase a Japanese copy of the game and dump it yourself, you are free to acquire a copy of the ROM on most sites that host such content, and of course are free to search for it yourself on Google.
  2. DCTP Patch File
    This is the DCTP patch file that will convert the original Japanese version of the game into our fully English-translated version. You can download the patch on Mediafire or Mega.
    This program is used for patching the original Japanese game into English with our patch file. You can download XDELTA from here.
  4. DeSmuME
    This program is a Nintendo DS emulator that will allow you to play the patched game. It has been confirmed to work for the entire game without any issues whatsoever. You can download it here by choosing the top link if you are on Windows or the second link if you are on Mac.


The guide below is intended for those completely unfamiliar with patching and emulation. If you are already familiar, you should be able to skip most of this. To ensure no one is left confused, however, every step is highlighted in detail.

1) Relocate the four files you downloaded above into a dedicated folder.


2) Select all four files and right click; then click “extract here” to extract all of the files together. NOTE: If you somehow do not have WinRAR currently installed, you can download and install it from here.


3) You should then have all of the files shown below. NOTE: You are of course now free to delete the four archive files used to extract the files.


4) Open the executable file Image to get to this window:


5) Next, choose the “Open…” button under the “Patch” section as shown below:


6) Here, choose the .xdelta patch file we have provided and choose “Open” at the bottom:


7) Next, choose the “Open…” button under the “Source File” section as shown below:


8) Here, choose the .nds game file (not the .RAR) you downloaded elsewhere and choose “Open” at the bottom:


9) Next, choose the “Open…” button under the “Output File” section as shown below:


10) Here, type in a filename for the patched game file but MAKE SURE that the filename includes .nds at the end, such as “ConanKindaichiPatched.nds” as shown below:


11) You will then have all of the parameters set and need to click “Patch” at the bottom as shown below:


12) If the operation was a success, you will see the dialog box below:


13) You can now close Image and return to the main folder. There you will now find the patched file Image amongst the others:


14) To now play the game, open the emulator Image to prepare to play the game:


15) Choose “File” at the top of the program, and then “Open ROM…”. You will then need to locate “ConanKindaichiPatched.nds” and open it. The “Open ROM…” option defaults to a newly created “Roms” folder when you open the program (which will not contain your patched game yet). If for some reason you cannot locate your patched game, you can simply drag-and-drop “ConanKindaichiPatched.nds” onto the emulator window after closing the “Open ROM…” dialogue.


16) Enjoy!



Most of the game is controlled by touch or using your mouse. Later in the game, you will need to control Conan on his skateboard. The default keyboard controls for this are the Z, X, A, and S keys for the B, A, Y, and X buttons, respectively. The keyboard’s arrow keys control the skateboard’s movement. These keys, as well as all others, can be changed in the emulator’s “Control Config” located under the “Config” tab at the top of the program.

Because of the small screen size of a Nintendo DS, most players will wish to change the screen size for more comfortable viewing on a PC. To do so with uniform scaling, select “View” at the top of the program and then hover over “Window Size” and choose an option such as “2x”. You may also maximize the window as with most other programs.

How to Play in English on your DS

If you intend to play the game on your Nintendo DS system, we presume you are already familiar with much of what is demonstrated above. Once you have your patched ROM file, it may be added to your flash card as with any other game. The game is fully compatible with flash card play as far as we know. If you wish to play on a Nintendo DS system but are unfamiliar with flash cards, we can only suggest using Google as we can offer no further support on the matter.


PLEASE NOTE: Most of the videos below were uploaded and made available over four years of development, meaning they no longer represent the quality of the finished product. They are preserved here to give prospective players a taste of the game.

[youtube] [youtube] [youtube] [youtube]

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