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8/07—File 1039 (SS 36/37)
8/14—Magazine Break
8/21—File 1040 (SS 38)
8/28—File 1041 (SS 39)
8/28—File 1042 (SS 40)

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8/10—Ep 950 (TV Original)
8/17—Ep 951 (TV Original)
8/31—Ep 952 (Files 6-9)
9/07—Ep 953 (Files 6-9)
9/14—Ep 954 (Files 6-9)

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Movie 22 Poster
The Fist of Blue Sapphire
4/12—Movie 23 (2019)

New 2-Hour TV Special Recreating 1st Episode to air in the winter

The Detective Conan anime will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a brand-new two-hour television anime special this winter. Meitantei Conan Episode “One” Chiisakunatta Meitantei (Detective Conan Episode “One”: The Great Detective Who Shrank) recounting “the true first episode not seen by anyone!!”

The special will retell what happened on the day Shinichi’s teenaged body was transformed into that of a child. The story will include scenes we haven’t seen in the original manga or the first episode, allowing viewers to know what happened elsewhere that day. The project will be entirely realized under Aoyama’s supervision.

The first teaser for the special is set to be released on  September 17.

source : Detective Conan Anime Gets New 2-Hour TV Special Recreating 1st Episode

Movie 20 Becomes Highest Grossing Conan Film

Detective Conan Movie 20 PosterThe twentieth film in the Detective Conan franchise, The Darkest Nightmare, has become its highest grossing to date. The film, which features members of the Black Organization for the first time since 2009’s The Raven Chaser, remained at the top spot for three weeks prior to being bested by Disney’s likewise animated feature Zootopia. As of this week, the entry in the long-running series has grossed ¥5.43 billion ($50.1 million) since its Golden Week opening.

As detailed previously on World of KJ:

Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare is finally dethroned after enjoying three-consecutive weeks in first place. The Detective Conan films always drop over 50% over the post Golden Week weekend, so the large decline here isn’t surprising (in fact, if estimates hold, it’s slightly better than most previous entries). It’s either barely below or just above the ¥5 billion blockbuster milestone after this weekend, and having accomplished that achievement and becoming the highest-grossing film in the series, the only thing left for it to do now is to add more to it’s incredible total as it aims for ¥6 billion ($55 million).

Source: WOKJ

B’z to Provide Theme Song to Detective Conan Movie 20

News media outlets in Japan are reporting today that B’z will be providing the theme song to the latest movie, Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare, due for a theatrical release this April. The song, titled “Sekai wa Anata no Iro ni Naru” (The World Will Become Your Color), is the band’s first theme to a Conan film since 2011’s Quarter of Silence.

Additionally, it has been revealed that B’z guitarist and Grammy Award winner Tak Matsumoto will be providing guitar on the film’s main instrumental theme. This marks the first time in franchise history that a guest guitarist has been featured in such a role.

The Akai Family Explained: Part One


Ever since Sera Masumi was introduced in the manga a few years ago, more and more mysteries and questions regarding Akai Shūichi’s family have surfaced, to the point that the situation around said family has become fairly convoluted and a bit difficult for some readers to follow.
In a series of posts, we’ll explain the various mysteries surrounding the Akai family, summarize what we know, and talk about the popular theories regarding these mysteries.

We won’t be spoiling any cases, but just refer to the relevant information regarding each mystery.
If you are not up to date with the manga and do not wish to be spoiled, do not enter this post.

Disclaimer: The theories that will be featured in these posts are currently the most popular theories in the fandom regarding these mysteries. These are not guaranteed to be 100% correct when the mysteries are resolved in the manga. Moreover just because these theories are popular doesn’t mean you have to subscribe to them.

The first mystery we shall tackle: Sera Masumi’s second brother.

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Netflix Now Streams Detective Conan

Netflix, the internet streaming media service, added the Detective Conan anime to their collection of shows. Currently, Netflix has episodes 748-799 with English subtitles (overall – 52 episodes). The series is available for Netflix subscribers in the US and the UK here.
Back in October 2014, Crunchyroll began simulcasting the series starting with episode 754.

Besides Netflix and Crunchyroll, the first 123 episodes of the anime are available at Funimation’s website. The first two movies, as well as Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan: The Movie, are available at Hulu.

Source: Anime News Network

New Opening “Hane” by Koshi Inaba Begins January 9th

Koshi Inaba Hane ImageKoshi Inaba, best known as the singer and lyricist of B’z, will be releasing a new solo single entitled “Hane” (羽, lit. “Feather” ) on January 13th. Just prior, the song will premiere as the opening to the Detective Conan anime series on January 9th. This is Koshi’s second solo contribution to the series, after “Overture” was used as an ending theme in 2002.

Overall, Koshi is one of the most prolific Conan artists, with songs by B’z also having been featured in movies 3, 6, 10, and 15. An additional four themes were provided as openings to the series with another serving as an ending.

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