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Manga Schedule

8/07—File 1039 (SS 36/37)
8/14—Magazine Break
8/21—File 1040 (SS 38)
8/28—File 1041 (SS 39)
8/28—File 1042 (SS 40)

Anime Air Dates

8/10—Ep 950 (TV Original)
8/17—Ep 951 (TV Original)
8/31—Ep 952 (Files 6-9)
9/07—Ep 953 (Files 6-9)
9/14—Ep 954 (Files 6-9)

Latest Movie

Movie 22 Poster
The Fist of Blue Sapphire
4/12—Movie 23 (2019)

The Akai Family Explained: Part One


Ever since Sera Masumi was introduced in the manga a few years ago, more and more mysteries and questions regarding Akai Shūichi’s family have surfaced, to the point that the situation around said family has become fairly convoluted and a bit difficult for some readers to follow.
In a series of posts, we’ll explain the various mysteries surrounding the Akai family, summarize what we know, and talk about the popular theories regarding these mysteries.

We won’t be spoiling any cases, but just refer to the relevant information regarding each mystery.
If you are not up to date with the manga and do not wish to be spoiled, do not enter this post.

Disclaimer: The theories that will be featured in these posts are currently the most popular theories in the fandom regarding these mysteries. These are not guaranteed to be 100% correct when the mysteries are resolved in the manga. Moreover just because these theories are popular doesn’t mean you have to subscribe to them.

The first mystery we shall tackle: Sera Masumi’s second brother.

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Netflix Now Streams Detective Conan

Netflix, the internet streaming media service, added the Detective Conan anime to their collection of shows. Currently, Netflix has episodes 748-799 with English subtitles (overall – 52 episodes). The series is available for Netflix subscribers in the US and the UK here.
Back in October 2014, Crunchyroll began simulcasting the series starting with episode 754.

Besides Netflix and Crunchyroll, the first 123 episodes of the anime are available at Funimation’s website. The first two movies, as well as Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan: The Movie, are available at Hulu.

Source: Anime News Network

Latest Updates

The long break is over.
After a long hiatus of the Detective Conan manga, a new chapter was published in the the latest Shonen Sunday issue (#34). Furthermore, this announcement was written on the cover of the magazine:

Conan is back – complete comeback of the weekly serialization.

As such, the irregular publication schedule that started back at March due to Gosho Aoyama’s hospitalization, is now over.
Throughout June, Shonen Sunday reprinted chapters 570-573.

On the anime side of things, last Saturday CrunchyRoll began releasing its subtitled episodes 3 days earlier than before, thus the delay between the episode’s airing in Japan and its release on CrunchyRoll has been decreased to 7 days. Formerly, CrunchyRoll streamed a new Detective Conan episode 10 days after it aired in Japan.
On its availability notes, CrunchyRoll says:

Case Closed episodes will now launch 3 days earlier, Saturdays at Noon PST.

Shonen Sunday


New Manga File to be Published on May 13

Issue #22/#23 of Shounen Sunday announced that a new Detective Conan manga file will be published on May 13, with the magazine’s 24th issue.

This will be the first new file to be published since the hiatus started in March due to Gosho’s hospitalization. Issue #22/23 teases that the story of the new file (#921) will focus on Ran and Shinichi, and will tell how they first met.

It is not yet known whether Detective Conan’s printing will return to its regular schedule after File #921, or its publishing will remain irregular.

As previously reported, Gosho Aoyama announced in March that he underwent a surgery, and while the operation was a success, he still had to stay in the hospital until the summer. For the past month, Shounen Sunday reprinted old files of Detective Conan: #156-159 (the first case to feature Kaito Kid in Detective Conan).

Source: Anime News Network

Movie 19: Second Trailer

The second trailer of Movie 19 has been released. Furthermore, it looks like Jii (Kaito Kid’s assistant) will also be making an appearance in the movie!
As previously reported, Movie 19, titled Sunflowers of Inferno (業火の向日葵, Gouka no Himawari), will will open on April 18th, 2015 in Japan.


A certain world-famous painting was to be auctioned at an auction house in New York frequented by the rich. The piece of art was one of van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’, a masterpiece thought to be destroyed in Japan.

Jirokichi Suzuki fights off all bidders by putting forward $300 million to buy it, stating that he intends to collect all seven of the ‘Sunflowers’ paintings that are scattered around the world.

It will be given its greatest exhibition ever in the Japanese museum ‘Lake Rock’, which boasts iron-clad security, he announces live on worldwide news being watched by Conan and Ran.

He has collected seven specialists known as the ‘Seven Samurai’ to protect the Sunflowers, but just as they are about to appear, Kaitou Kid suddenly shows up!

He declares war, stating that he will steal the painting no matter what, before vanishing. Why would Kid make such a statement when he usually only goes after Big Jewels?

And just as everyone starts to panic, a high-school detective appears on the scene, having heard rumors of Kid’s appearance: Kudou Shinichi.

Then, the ‘White Shadow’ launches an aerial assault on the passenger plane carrying the ‘Sunflowers’ to Japan…

The curtain opens on an art mystery that blends truth and lies, focused upon a peerless treasure…

The Mystery Poll

While the Detective Conan Manga is on a break until mid March, we’ve created a new activity for the community to hopefully distract you from the wait:

The Mystery Poll

Every week we will have a new poll regarding one of the ongoing mysteries of the series. Once the week is over, the results will be added to the first post of the thread, and we’d be able to see what most of the community thinks is the truth behind the mystery.

Feel free to let us know which option you voted for, and why.
You’re also welcome to suggest what mystery the next poll should be about.

The Mystery Poll is located in the Story Discussion Board in the forums. Click here to go directly to the thread.

Note: the thread is located in the manga area of the forum, so if you’re only following the anime and are wary of spoilers, it’s advisable you don’t participate in the poll, because some of the polls will deal with mysteries the anime hasn’t reached to yet.