First Six Magic Kaito Episodes Confirmed: “Hustler vs. Magician” & “Black Star” Included

Magic Kaito 1-6 Episode ScheduleHot on its premiere one week ago, we now have confirmation of what to expect in the the first six episodes of the new Magic Kaito 1412 anime series:

Oct 4—Ep 1 / Based on Chapter 1
“The Revived Phantom Thief Kid”

Oct 11—Ep 2 / Based on Chapter 19
“Blue Birthday”

Oct 19—Ep 3 / Based on Chapter 13
“Hustler vs. Magician”

Oct 26—Ep 4 / Based on Chapter 15
“A Great Detective in Broad Daylight”

Nov 1—Ep 5  / Based on Chapter 6
“The Scarlet Temptress”

Nov 8—Ep 6 / Based on Chapters 23-24
“Black Star”

While almost all have been touched upon in the former Magic Kaito/Kid the Phantom Thief series, the third episode, “Hustler vs. Magician”, scheduled for October 19th will be seeing an adaptation for the first time.

The episode airing on November 8th entitled “Black Star” will be an adaptation of later chapters that were previously adapted as the first part of Detective Conan episode 219, a two hour special by the title “Gathering of the Great Detectives”.

Source: Baidu

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