Latest Detective Conan Episodes to be Simulcast Subtitled on Crunchyroll! [UPDATE]

Crunchy Roll Case ClosedAt long last, it has been announced that all new episodes of Detective Conan will be simultaneously streamed around the time of their Japanese airing on Crunchyroll. The episodes will be available to viewers in the United States and Canada, subtitled in English.

Their press release is reproduced below:

One of the announcements from Crunchyroll’s NYCC panel this morning was the addition of Case Closed, AKA Great Detective Conan. More information is coming, but for now you can get ready to add more whoddunnits to your weeks in the future with simulcast episodes of the long-running mystery anime.

Case Closed will be available in the United States and Canada.

Based on the Weekly Shonen Sunday manga by Gosho Aoyama—which has been serialized since 1994, racking up 85 volumes and counting along the way—the Case Closed anime series has quite the history behind it. It’s been running since 1996, and soon you’ll be able to catch the latest episodes on Crunchyroll.

UPDATE: A further post on the Crunchyroll website has clarified that they will only be streaming the latest simulcast episodes at this time, meaning back catalogue episodes are not currently included. It is currently unknown which episode count will be used (as the original Case Closed localization split specials into multiple half-hour parts and counted each as a separate episode), though it would stand to reason the Japanese episode numbers are most likely. It is likewise unconfirmed whether Crunchyroll will utilize the Case Closed dub names or not, but precedent suggests the Japanese names will remain intact.

As stated in the update, however, the exact start date has not yet been revealed:

And now for a title that many of you have been asking for, Case Closed, known in Japan as Detective Conan, will finally be making its simulcast debut here on Crunchyroll for members in the USA and Canada! Details on air times will be announced later, and we will be only streaming the simulcast episodes at this time.

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  1. What about in some countries who doesnt have Crunchyroll or doesnt live in US or Canada?

    Sorry if my english is bad.. 🙂

    1. Using a VPN or similar service (like Hola or PrivateInternetAccess) will allow you to watch the episodes outside of the US.

  2. Wow! This is exciting news! Even though I would have liked more dubs instead, easier access to subs is much appreciated!

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