The Akai Family Explained: Final Part


In this final post we shall cover the leftovers.

So what about Shūichi’s and Masumi’s father?
In file 872 Masumi claims her father died (which was one of the reasons they changed their surname). In file 949 it’s revealed their father was also involved in Haneda Kōji’s murder case, and Shūichi claims his father wasn’t an FBI agent.
One important thing to note is that Gosho wrote this in a postcard in 2015: “Akai’s father is unfortunately already… it’s a secret!” Does this mean it’s possible the father isn’t truly dead after all? Who knows…

Who is Haneda Kōji?
In file 947 Shūkichi tells Yumi about his “legal” brother, Haneda Kōji. He was also a shogi player, but he died 17 years ago when he went to the US. His name also appears in the APTX4869 victims list 2 names below Shinichi, so it’s speculated the Black Organization is responsible for his death.
We don’t know for certain what was the relation between Kōji and Shūkichi due to the term used in Japanese. Kōji could be his step brother, his adoptive brother, his brother in law, his sworn brother, etc. The mid bro changed his surname after he finished high school, so if it’s Shūkichi, it’s possible the Haneda family adopted him and thus he became legally related to Kōji.

Masumi claims a rich friend of her father is supporting her financially. Who is it?
No one knows for now. Some believe it could be James Black. Or if the Haneda family is rich, maybe they are looking after her. Or it could be someone else. Or maybe Masumi is simply lying.

Why would Mystery Girl and Masumi have to leave and find “a new stronghold” if Conan doesn’t live up to their expectations?
Perhaps someone is after Mystery Girl so they can’t really afford to stay at the same place for too long? Perhaps the Black Organization is after her for some reason? Masumi sure seems to live her life normally, though, so the whole ordeal is pretty vague.

At the end of the day, after putting together all of the theories that were mentioned, what does the Akai family tree look like?
Father Akai (???) and Mother Akai (Mystery Girl/Mary) have three children: Akai Shūichi, Haneda Shūkichi and Sera Masumi. Mother Akai is the sister of Miyano Elena (Haibara’s mother). Miyano Akemi and Miyano Shiho are cousins of the three Akai children. Lastly, Shūkichi is legally the brother of Haneda Kōji.

This looks pretty messy.
It is.

Is it guaranteed all these theories are 100% correct?
No. These are the more popular theories in the fandom, but you don’t have to agree with them.

Is it possible more characters are related to the Akai family?
We certainly hope not, but it is possible.

Who is the boss of the Black Organization?
These posts aren’t about the boss.

But the boss could be related to the Akai family too.

So this concludes our examination of the Akai family. Hopefully you found this helpful. When we learn more about this wacky family or some of its mysteries will be resolved, we’ll post an update on the matter.

Do you agree with the theories listed in these posts? Do you have other theories of your own? Let us know in the comments or in the forum what you think is the truth behind the Akai family mysteries.

6 thoughts on “The Akai Family Explained: Final Part”

  1. I think some part of this solution lies in the P.S. part that we have yet to see in akai’s phone .
    Also i dont think Mother Akai is the sister of Miyano Elena .

    1. Not saying it’s impossible (at this point at least), but I hope it won’t be the case.
      If Rum is Father Akai, is Rum a good person or a bad person? We as readers do expect Rum to be a bad guy especially cause he’s the organization’s number 2, and I don’t think anyone wants yet another organization member who’s revealed to be good.
      But even if Rum is Father Akai, and he’s bad, that still leads us to another problem. Shuichi infiltrated the organization, so did his father conveniently not notice that? Not to mention, it’d be a bit of a Darth Vader narrative, and that narrative has been told to death in fiction.

  2. If Shukichi really call Shuichi “Niisan”, they have to have an important relationship, posibly, Shukichi being Shuichi’s brother and the middle brother himself.

  3. I don’t think the BO’s boss is even remotely related to the Akai family, other wise the dynamics would be so much vague and awkward.

  4. It would be really wierd that shuichi would date his own cousin..but it is also possible that he wasnt aware of their relationship as cousins. To make it fit better maybe gosho-sensei will show elena and mary as cousins or just some close friends who simply look similar

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