Detective Conan 20th Anniversary’s 20 Surprises (03/20)’s been announced that in the upcoming weeks 20 surprises about Detective Conan will be revealed as part of celebrating the 20th anniversary of the anime.

3 surprises have been revealed so far:

Number 1:
A one-hour special featuring special guest Ichikawa Ebizo XI (市川海老藏, a famous Kabuki actor), to be aired in two parts on 9 and 16 January!「コ ナンと海老蔵 歌舞伎十八番ミステリー」(Conan and Ebizo 18 Best Kabuki Plays Mystery) – a case with the world of Kabuki as its stage, and a deduction showdown between Ebizo and Conan?!

Number 2:
Real Escape Game × Detective Conan permanent store 「心斎橋チョコレート殺人事件」 (Shinsaibashi Chocolate Murder) opening in Osaka’s Shinsaibashi OPA main building on 12 December.

Number 03:
First promotional video for movie 20 to be released 4 November, 10am (access via QR code).
For the first time, there’ll also be an advance movie flyer – 「黒ビジュアルチラシ」 (Black Visual Flyer), limited to 96960 pieces that will be distributed at cinemas throughout Japan starting 7 November.
Hand-drawn poster and official subtitle to be released in Shonen Sunday #1 2016, going on sale 2 December.

Credit for gathering and bringing this info to us goes to presumenothing from the spoiler cbox.

Latest Updates

The long break is over.
After a long hiatus of the Detective Conan manga, a new chapter was published in the the latest Shonen Sunday issue (#34). Furthermore, this announcement was written on the cover of the magazine:

Conan is back – complete comeback of the weekly serialization.

As such, the irregular publication schedule that started back at March due to Gosho Aoyama’s hospitalization, is now over.
Throughout June, Shonen Sunday reprinted chapters 570-573.

On the anime side of things, last Saturday CrunchyRoll began releasing its subtitled episodes 3 days earlier than before, thus the delay between the episode’s airing in Japan and its release on CrunchyRoll has been decreased to 7 days. Formerly, CrunchyRoll streamed a new Detective Conan episode 10 days after it aired in Japan.
On its availability notes, CrunchyRoll says:

Case Closed episodes will now launch 3 days earlier, Saturdays at Noon PST.

Shonen Sunday


Conan & Kindaichi on DS: NOW OUT IN ENGLISH!

Detective Conan & Kindaichi Case Files: Chance Encounter of 2 Great Detectives is now, at long last, available in English for the very first time! We have been working on this translation at DCTP for years and are very proud to bring it to you now. We thank you for your patience and direct you to the game’s subsite page for a guide on how to get started playing the game! Enjoy!


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