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Ending 48 Title and Air Date Revealed

Mai Kuraki

It has just been revealed that a new ending will be airing alongside the anime starting with the remaster of episode 27 on the 16th of August. Mai Kuraki, a long-time singer for Detective Conan openings, endings and movie themes, will be contributing this new ending entitled 無敵なハート (Muteki na Heart) – Invincible Heart. The song will go on sale on the 27th of August in Japan.


“Greed” (Anime Opening 38) Music Video Out Now

The song “Greed” by upstart Japanese rock band KNOCK OUT MONKEY currently serves as the opening theme to the Detective Conan anime series. You can view the official music video here on the band’s official YouTube channel but be advised it is not safe for work due to suggestive imagery. The music video is full length, allowing you to hear the full song instead of the condensed opening version.

The single, the band’s third, will be released on August 20th for 1,000 yen (roughly $10 USD). You may pre-order the single here on CDJapan.

New Magic Kaito Anime Website Available


The official website for the new Magic Kaito anime has now opened on the YTV website. The site currently only mentions the series coming in October and includes a description of the Kid character. Much more information, including exactly what the series will be about, is expected in the next couple of months.

Special thanks to Skyechan for the tip!

Magic Kaito Blu-ray Box Limited to 1412 Copies, Set for September


It was recently revealed that the twelve-episode special series Magic Kaito featuring Kaitou Kid that has aired in place of Conan airings over the past few years will finally be receiving the Blu-ray treatment.

Limited to just 1412 copies, the September 26th release comes in an exclusive three-disc, three-sided case with art prepared specifically for the occasion. Other extras in the package include exclusive playing cards and a special tin case. The actual disc contents are the same as those found on the series’ earlier DVD releases.

Word has it that the box set sold out in just two days of pre-orders. It is presently unknown if a more standard Blu-ray package will be issued in the future.

The series, referred to as both Magic Kaito and Kid the Phantom Thief, originally premiered as a 22-minute special on the Japanese version of Animax in April 2010. Since, the original episode as well as eleven others that followed at intermittent points in the years since were repackaged as part of Detective Conan airings on YTV.

The Blu-ray set will be released just prior to the premiere of a new Magic Kaito series to be produced by A-1 Pictures. The new series will air just before Conan at 5:30 PM every Saturday beginning in October.

A special thanks goes out to bluesun for his contributions to this article.

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August Anime Schedule

Aug 2—Episode 748: Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story (Confession)
Based on Files 869-871

Aug 9—Episode 749: Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story (Truth)
Based on Files 869-871

Aug 16—Episode 027:  Kogorou’s Class Reunion Murder Case (Part 1)

Aug 23—Episode 028: Kogorou’s Class Reunion Murder Case (Part 2)

Aug 30—No Conan airing

Listing courtesy of Conan 48:69

New Magic Kaito Anime Coming in October

magickaitonewanimeAn all-new anime series centered around Kaito Kid is currently in production! The  series will premiere in October at 5:30 PM on YTV in the timeslot just before Conan.

As most fans are aware, Kid was previously the subject of Kid the Phantom Thief, a series of twelve episodes that adapted most of the beloved stories from the four volumes of Magic Kaito thus far. While production on the original series was handled partially by a team drawn from the Conan production crew, this new series will be handled by A-1 Pictures, who most recently have worked on properties such as Sword Art Online and Persona 4 The Golden: Animation.

Given the shift in production responsibilities and most of the source material being covered already, it is currently unknown exactly what this series will cover. Whether it will start anew and re-adapt the old stories, with or without mixing in anime original stories, or exactly how many episodes it will be is all currently unknown.

Expect more information closer to the premiere date.

Image Source: Minkun