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New Magic Kaito Anime Website Available


The official website for the new Magic Kaito anime has now opened on the YTV website. The site currently only mentions the series coming in October and includes a description of the Kid character. Much more information, including exactly what the series will be about, is expected in the next couple of months.

Special thanks to Skyechan for the tip!

Movie 18’s Final Tally Revealed

After nearly three monthsMovie 18 poster in Japanese theaters and a record opening weekend for the franchise, Detective Conan: Dimensional Sniper‘s final tally has been revealed.

Overall, the movie grossed ¥4.09 billion ($40.1 million) with 3.29 million admissions. The plot-linked story allowed for an increase both in gross and in admissions compared to last year’s movie Detective Conan: Private Eye in the Distant Sea making movie 18 both the 2nd highest grossing and 2nd most attended movie of all the Detective Conan releases. Indeed, the special crossover Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan: The Movie still retains its spot as the highest grossing and most attended movie featuring Conan with a final tally of ¥4.25 billion ($41.2 million) and 3.55 million admissions.