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Magic Kaito Blu-ray Box Limited to 1412 Copies, Set for September


It was recently revealed that the twelve-episode special series Magic Kaito featuring Kaitou Kid that has aired in place of Conan airings over the past few years will finally be receiving the Blu-ray treatment.

Limited to just 1412 copies, the September 26th release comes in an exclusive three-disc, three-sided case with art prepared specifically for the occasion. Other extras in the package include exclusive playing cards and a special tin case. The actual disc contents are the same as those found on the series’ earlier DVD releases.

Word has it that the box set sold out in just two days of pre-orders. It is presently unknown if a more standard Blu-ray package will be issued in the future.

The series, referred to as both Magic Kaito and Kid the Phantom Thief, originally premiered as a 22-minute special on the Japanese version of Animax in April 2010. Since, the original episode as well as eleven others that followed at intermittent points in the years since were repackaged as part of Detective Conan airings on YTV.

The Blu-ray set will be released just prior to the premiere of a new Magic Kaito series to be produced by A-1 Pictures. The new series will air just before Conan at 5:30 PM every Saturday beginning in October.

A special thanks goes out to bluesun for his contributions to this article.

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Rate the Detective Conan Movies (One Week Left!)

A few months ago, we began garnering ratings from the community on various Conan-related subjects. First up were the movies, and in one week, we’ll begin revealing the results. Yes, you still have ONE WEEK from this date to get in any last minute votes!

You may vote in the comments here with a registered account, or do so in a post in the designated forum topic.

As for formatting, let’s keep it simple and use the 5 star system, meaning ratings would come in the form of 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars, and 5 stars, with 5 being great (maximum score) and 1 being poor (minimum score). You may also use ½ between those two points if necessary (✩½, ✩✩½, ✩✩✩½, ✩✩✩✩½). If you haven’t seen the movie, don’t hesitate to indicate that; there are a lot, so some people naturally haven’t seen them all.


Movie 1: ✩✩✩✩✩
Movie 2: ✩✩✩✩
Movie 3: Haven’t Seen It
Movie 4: ✩✩✩½
…and on and on…


Movie 18 Coming to Singapore August 7th, Subtitled in English for First Time

movie18singaporeposterThe eighteenth movie in the Detective Conan franchise, Dimensional Sniper, will be screened theatrically in Singapore beginning August 7th. The movie will be accompanied by both English and Chinese subtitles and will be available exclusively at Cathay Cineplexes. Tickets and showtimes can be acquired here. Those in Singapore may view a region-locked trailer on the licensor Odex’s YouTube channel.

The distributor provided the following preview:

Shuichi Akai is targeted by a mysterious sniper and Masumi Sera is shot. Tokyo is in panic, citizens are taken in the shooting of a sniper. Nothing is known about him. Why was Sera targeted? Will Akai survive from this? Jodie Starling and Subaru Okiya are also in this one. Will Conan be able to find and apprehend the culprit?

Last year, the seventeenth movie Private Eye in the Distant Sea was released in Singapore theaters. This is the second year in a row that the annual Conan movies have received wider international releases, after Movie 17 was shown subtitled in Taiwan, Thailand, and Malaysia as well.

August Anime Schedule

Aug 2—Episode 748: Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story (Confession)
Based on Files 869-871

Aug 9—Episode 749: Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story (Truth)
Based on Files 869-871

Aug 16—Episode 027:  Kogorou’s Class Reunion Murder Case (Part 1)

Aug 23—Episode 028: Kogorou’s Class Reunion Murder Case (Part 2)

Aug 30—No Conan airing

Listing courtesy of Conan 48:69

Welcome to the New DCTP Website!


It has been a very long time coming, but the Detective Conan Translation Project now has a new website! The purpose of this new venture is to provide a community-driven outlet for covering and discussing the latest news and updates complete with translations of all the developments in and around the Conan world. You can also expect articles on various theories percolating throughout the community and other such related content.

The posts on this website will be contributed primarily by community members known for their consistency and reliability. If you would also like to become a contributor, please post relevant content on the DCTP Forums in the General Discussion and Story Discussion boards. You may then be contacted to request having a post or even a reply or counterpoint shared here on the front page.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: This website is a work-in-progress. We intend to implement various features in the near future and ask for your patience in the meantime.

We look forward to sharing what the community has to offer and hope to hear from all of you soon! Enjoy, and please any thoughts or concerns below!

New Magic Kaito Anime Coming in October

magickaitonewanimeAn all-new anime series centered around Kaito Kid is currently in production! The  series will premiere in October at 5:30 PM on YTV in the timeslot just before Conan.

As most fans are aware, Kid was previously the subject of Kid the Phantom Thief, a series of twelve episodes that adapted most of the beloved stories from the four volumes of Magic Kaito thus far. While production on the original series was handled partially by a team drawn from the Conan production crew, this new series will be handled by A-1 Pictures, who most recently have worked on properties such as Sword Art Online and Persona 4 The Golden: Animation.

Given the shift in production responsibilities and most of the source material being covered already, it is currently unknown exactly what this series will cover. Whether it will start anew and re-adapt the old stories, with or without mixing in anime original stories, or exactly how many episodes it will be is all currently unknown.

Expect more information closer to the premiere date.

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