Detective Conan 20th Anniversary’s 20 Surprises (03/20)’s been announced that in the upcoming weeks 20 surprises about Detective Conan will be revealed as part of celebrating the 20th anniversary of the anime.

3 surprises have been revealed so far:

Number 1:
A one-hour special featuring special guest Ichikawa Ebizo XI (市川海老藏, a famous Kabuki actor), to be aired in two parts on 9 and 16 January!「コ ナンと海老蔵 歌舞伎十八番ミステリー」(Conan and Ebizo 18 Best Kabuki Plays Mystery) – a case with the world of Kabuki as its stage, and a deduction showdown between Ebizo and Conan?!

Number 2:
Real Escape Game × Detective Conan permanent store 「心斎橋チョコレート殺人事件」 (Shinsaibashi Chocolate Murder) opening in Osaka’s Shinsaibashi OPA main building on 12 December.

Number 03:
First promotional video for movie 20 to be released 4 November, 10am (access via QR code).
For the first time, there’ll also be an advance movie flyer – 「黒ビジュアルチラシ」 (Black Visual Flyer), limited to 96960 pieces that will be distributed at cinemas throughout Japan starting 7 November.
Hand-drawn poster and official subtitle to be released in Shonen Sunday #1 2016, going on sale 2 December.

Credit for gathering and bringing this info to us goes to presumenothing from the spoiler cbox.