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The long break is over.
After a long hiatus of the Detective Conan manga, a new chapter was published in the the latest Shonen Sunday issue (#34). Furthermore, this announcement was written on the cover of the magazine:

Conan is back – complete comeback of the weekly serialization.

As such, the irregular publication schedule that started back at March due to Gosho Aoyama’s hospitalization, is now over.
Throughout June, Shonen Sunday reprinted chapters 570-573.

On the anime side of things, last Saturday CrunchyRoll began releasing its subtitled episodes 3 days earlier than before, thus the delay between the episode’s airing in Japan and its release on CrunchyRoll has been decreased to 7 days. Formerly, CrunchyRoll streamed a new Detective Conan episode 10 days after it aired in Japan.
On its availability notes, CrunchyRoll says:

Case Closed episodes will now launch 3 days earlier, Saturdays at Noon PST.

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  1. Thank you very much. I really love detective Conan sooo much l.
    But I’m really disappointed that the writer is just repeating things over and over.
    I really wish Ran would find out about conan, that will add a lot more excitement to the show.
    We are all tired of her being the stupid one. Even the annoying little detectives are smarter than ran.

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