New Manga File to be Published on May 13

Issue #22/#23 of Shounen Sunday announced that a new Detective Conan manga file will be published on May 13, with the magazine’s 24th issue.

This will be the first new file to be published since the hiatus started in March due to Gosho’s hospitalization. Issue #22/23 teases that the story of the new file (#921) will focus on Ran and Shinichi, and will tell how they first met.

It is not yet known whether Detective Conan’s printing will return to its regular schedule after File #921, or its publishing will remain irregular.

As previously reported, Gosho Aoyama announced in March that he underwent a surgery, and while the operation was a success, he still had to stay in the hospital until the summer. For the past month, Shounen Sunday reprinted old files of Detective Conan: #156-159 (the first case to feature Kaito Kid in Detective Conan).

Source: Anime News Network