Movie 20 Teaser Content Revealed

Gin Kir

With the nineteenth Detective Conan movie Sunflowers of Inferno being released in Japan yesterday, we have learned a bit more about what can be expected for the upcoming 20th movie of the series to be released in April of 2016.

Following revelations from Gosho Aoyama in a series of postcards about a month ago, we learned that both Gin and Amuro would be appearing in the next film and that it would then logically be about the Black Organization. The teaser has brought more speculation about the potential content of the movie as it presents a glass of alcohol in a dark and gloomy bar with Gin’s voice being heard in the background, saying: ”Bourbon, Kir… Don’t tell me…?”.

More information will naturally be revealed about the movie by the end of the year.

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  1. Man, they’re teasing the heck out of us. I want to see a reason to fear the organization because lately they’ve looked terrible with 3 agents having infiltrated them.

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