The Mystery Poll

While the Detective Conan Manga is on a break until mid March, we’ve created a new activity for the community to hopefully distract you from the wait:

The Mystery Poll

Every week we will have a new poll regarding one of the ongoing mysteries of the series. Once the week is over, the results will be added to the first post of the thread, and we’d be able to see what most of the community thinks is the truth behind the mystery.

Feel free to let us know which option you voted for, and why.
You’re also welcome to suggest what mystery the next poll should be about.

The Mystery Poll is located in the Story Discussion Board in the forums. Click here to go directly to the thread.

Note: the thread is located in the manga area of the forum, so if you’re only following the anime and are wary of spoilers, it’s advisable you don’t participate in the poll, because some of the polls will deal with mysteries the anime hasn’t reached to yet.