[Summary] File 905: The Truth Rises to the Surface


The pool case is solved and … ?!

File 905: The Truth Rises to the Surface (Series Resolution)

Conan and Sera team up for a deduction show! The culprit was none other than the hotel manager, Toyoshima Ensaku. While alone in the pool with the victim, he grabbed her by the scruff of her neck, removed her mouth piece to make her unable to breathe and then held her underwater to drown her. The weight of the diving gear made holding her down easy enough and any screams would not have been heard due to her being underwater. Once dead, he put a glass case over the victim, which he fixated at the bottom of the pool with a long fishing line. He looped the line around the grates at the bottom of both sides of the pool and ensured it would be held in place over the glass case with two little indentations on each side of the glass case. He attached the end of the fishing line to the hook at the side of the pool, close to the surface, where it would be easily reachable later. He then tilted the case slightly and used the victim’s oxygen tank to fill the glass case with air.

This setup caused total internal reflection to occur, making the glass case and its contents practically invisible to all observers, including Samaki-san and Hamaka-san, who came to the pool in search of the victim afterwards. Later, when everyone was searching for the victim, he quickly cut the line, causing the glass case and the victim to magically appear in the pool, where the bellboys discovered her. And in order to cover up the bubbling sound caused by the escaping air, he called for the victim in a loud voice during the search.
Once the victim had been found, he dragged the glass case to the side of the pool underwater with his foot and proceeded to smash it with the oxygen tank he was carrying while everyone was focused on the dead body. Unfortunately for him, he left his fingerprints on the fishing line when he hurriedly rolled it up after cutting it lose …

The case thus closed, Sonoko comments on Sera’s habit of making things magically appear and disappear, both in this case and the case “The treasure chest filled with fruits” (files 844-846). “I’m not the one who’s a wizard!” is Sera’s answer to that, causing Ran to remember little Sera calling someone a wizard – but just when she wants to ask Sera about that, she’s naturally interrupted by Sonoko. While leaving, she catches a glance of the mystery girl talking with Sera and seems to remember her as well?! We shall find out more soon(er or later).

And after all that excitement, there’ll be a break next week!

6 thoughts on “[Summary] File 905: The Truth Rises to the Surface”

  1. You didn’t mention Ran saw the mysterious girl and remark if she previously met her too.

    1. I did mention that. ^_^
      It’s the second to last sentence: “While leaving, she catches a glance of the mystery girl talking with Sera and seems to remember her as well?!”

      1. Did you really? I didn’t saw it the first time.
        What about the motive? IIRC his is the least serious one.

        1. Er, yes, I really did. Why would I need to lie about that? If I had forgotten it I just would have said so … ^^
          Yeah, the motive was pretty silly. I just left it out because it didn’t seem very important.

  2. Ah. I can’t delete nor edit my comment.s But his motive is the victim got in a car accident that killed his sister and her family.

  3. I do not like Sera. Gosho prefers Sera too much. Detective Conan is not the story of lovely Co×Ai story anymore. Thesedays, Gosho Only loves Sera. I don’t wanna see Sera and mysterioys girl in DC. They are not main characters in DC. I want to see Haibara-Shiho Miyano and Akai Shuichi!!

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