Detective Conan Opening Ratings: The Results!

The polls are closed on the community ratings for the Detective Conan anime openings and the results are in! Many of them were surprisingly close and had to be settled by tiebreakers (entries that received the most 5-star votes were given ranking preference).

See how your favorites and not-so-favorites did below:


We will open another poll seeking ratings in the near future. Keep an eye out, and thanks for participating thus far!

10 thoughts on “Detective Conan Opening Ratings: The Results!”

  1. Funny how Zard has the first and the 2nd last place.

    but seriously, so different songs imo.

    1. How come you don’t like it? I remember how hard I was looking for the 8-Thrill Shock Suspense Enlish version because I liked it so much; I did find it. 🙂

      1. Because “Dancing Conan” (as I call it) was a hilariously cheesy opening. It was painful to watch.

  2. come on… Mune Ga DokiDoki from High Lows and Garnet Crow’s Mysterious Eyes are 25th and 24th?

  3. As expected, Tear Drops got the lowest rating. I know the opening video itself only consists lots of cheesy scenes and single’s promotion when they should’ve make it a lot better since it was the 15th anniversary of Detective Conan.

    But in my opinion, the song itself is good, it’s catchy and lovable. 🙂

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