[Summary] File 904: Sunken Glass Shards


The pool case moves into the investigation phase …

File 904: Sunken Glass Shards (Series Part 2)

A pure investigation file greets us this week as Inspector Megure and Detective Takagi arrive at the scene and we learn that the victim (Ooiso Nagami, 31) died by drowning. She died between noon and 1 pm, but was only found in the pool around 2 pm.

The three suspects are her fiancé (Samaki Raito, 30), the hotel manager (Toyoshima Ensaku, 56) and her half-sister (Ooiso Hamaka, 28). All three of them applied sunscreen to the victim’s back, thus giving them an opportunity to remove her necklace, prompting her to look for it. All of them also took turns in going to the pool while the victim was searching there, thus giving them an opportunity to kill her. First the hotel manager, at five past twelve, then the fiancé, and finally the half-sister, who came back from the pool at 12:54, asking the receptionists for the time on the way out. The manager claims to have seen her searching in the pool, while the other two were unable to find her there. The receptionists confirm that no one else entered the pool area behind the reception, which also comprises the changing room, showers and washroom.

But since one of the bellboys testifies that the corpse was nowhere to be seen in the pool around 10 minutes before it was found and all of the suspects were looking for the victim together at that point, they all seem to have an airtight alibi?!

The numerous glass shards at the bottom of the pool, which seem to stem from a glass case of some kind and the ca. 50 m long fishing line which was found on the grate covering the pool drain suggest otherwise.

Upon hearing that the bellboys heard a weird noise from the pool and saw big bubbles forming in the water, Conan and Sera rush to the pool’s drain, where they are unsurprised to learn that the grate is fixated with screws and find a hook above the drain. “There’s no doubt. The culprit is that person!” But who is it?!

7 thoughts on “[Summary] File 904: Sunken Glass Shards”

    1. Has to be. Two clues.

      One, Samaki brought an oxygen tank supposedly in “anticipation” that the dead girl would need one. From what I can tell, he knew that she wouldn’t find it, because why would else would he have brought it in advance? Unless he already knew she wouldn’t find her necklace, and would need more time (obv the necklace is elsewhere).

      Second, when we see the Old guy and Samaki rush towards the pool, you can clearly see the Old guy carefully wade into the water, but Samaki immediately starts swimming towards the dead girl. This means he already knew of the glass in the water, and swims above it to avoid it, whereas the old man had no idea/couldn’t see, and steps on it inadvertently.

      But of course, this is Gosho, so mabye there’s a slight twist, but I’m pretty sure of this.

  1. well I’m also 99% sure its samaki but I have different view. to see him as the culprit.1. that he was the first one to reach body I guess its because he need to get rid of the mechanism which was used as trick to make body appear after 10 min. I’m still not totally sure but I have got some idea about the trick too .the hint is probably the glass shards.

  2. hamaka cannot be the murderer, when they saw the body, samaki and the hotel manager were the only ones to be at the pool. so hamaka isn’t the killer!

  3. it’s true that [spoilers] is the culprit?
    ’cause i watched the forum of jimmy_kud0_tv from yesterday!

    1. With spoilers for 905 now available, the best place to discuss those would be the corresponding thread on the forums (with spoiler boxes) or the spoiler cbox!
      (Just in case people reading this post might not want spoilers for 905 ^^)

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