Case Closed Volume 51 Available Now, Volume 52 in October

caseclosedvolume51Case Closed continues to be published regularly in North America and related territories, where they have now surpassed fifty volumes. Volume 51 went on sale July 8th and is available both in paperback and digitally from various retailers. Those interested in the physical version may purchase it from several vendors, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Booksamillion, and RightStuf, while the digital version is available from the VIZ website, Amazon Kindle, Nook, and the iTunes Book Store.

You can also pre-order Case Closed Volume 52 now on participating retailers for an expected release date of October 14, 2014.

One thought on “Case Closed Volume 51 Available Now, Volume 52 in October”

  1. I didn’t realize they actually released digital versions. I had an email from Amazon several months ago about some graphic novels being available for Kindle, but I didn’t know Case Closed was one of them…

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