Magic Kaito Blu-ray Box Limited to 1412 Copies, Set for September


It was recently revealed that the twelve-episode special series Magic Kaito featuring Kaitou Kid that has aired in place of Conan airings over the past few years will finally be receiving the Blu-ray treatment.

Limited to just 1412 copies, the September 26th release comes in an exclusive three-disc, three-sided case with art prepared specifically for the occasion. Other extras in the package include exclusive playing cards and a special tin case. The actual disc contents are the same as those found on the series’ earlier DVD releases.

Word has it that the box set sold out in just two days of pre-orders. It is presently unknown if a more standard Blu-ray package will be issued in the future.

The series, referred to as both Magic Kaito and Kid the Phantom Thief, originally premiered as a 22-minute special on the Japanese version of Animax in April 2010. Since, the original episode as well as eleven others that followed at intermittent points in the years since were repackaged as part of Detective Conan airings on YTV.

The Blu-ray set will be released just prior to the premiere of a new Magic Kaito series to be produced by A-1 Pictures. The new series will air just before Conan at 5:30 PM every Saturday beginning in October.

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    1. It’s tricky, because it both is and isn’t. Conan airs on both “YTV” and “NTV”. It is most commonly mentioned as YTV due to Yomiuri TV (YTV) also being the production subsidiary behind the series. What makes it tricky is that YTV and NTV are both also channel brandings, with YTV in Osaka and NTV in Tokyo.

      To avoid confusion, you’ll sometimes see this mentioned as “Conan airs on NTV/YTV at 6:00”. But, for the most part, Conan is almost always referred to as a YTV series.

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