[Summary] File 903: The Corpse in the Pool


It’s business as usual in File 903 – or is it?! Find out after the jump.

File 903: The Corpse in the Pool (Series Part 1)

The mysterious girl is ready to talk, so Sera invited Conan to come for a visit. While waiting for Conan to arrive, the mystery girl displays her paranoia, verifying that Sera asked Conan to come alone and commenting “We should proceed carefully. If this fellow is not worthy of our expectations, we shall have to leave at once and find a new base of operations.”

So it looks like the two of them will finally talk – but of course that would be to good to be true. Instead of coming alone, Ran and Sonoko spontaneously decided to tag along to check out the hotel’s pool. Jokes about flat breasts aside, the case centers around Ooiso Nagami, the rich daughter of the president of a big finance company. She lost her precious necklace in the pool and decides to look for it. Getting nowhere with her snorkeling gear she goes at it with an oxygen tank, sending everyone else away so she can search on her own. After rudely ordering around and insulting everyone around her, it’s no surprise that she’s found dead in the pool at the end of the file. What is a surprise though, is that, although she’d been missing for a while, the pool was empty not 10 minutes earlier. And some mysterious glass shards at the bottom of the pool catch the attention of Conan and Sera … ?!

4 thoughts on “[Summary] File 903: The Corpse in the Pool”

  1. I like this way/format. It is not easy to cover all details. I often overlook the case and write just the plot when writing summary.

    1. As do I! Should this catch on, these summaries will be quite a valuable resource (to at least me personally) when quickly going back trying to recall what happened in exactly which file.

  2. I do like the new format, but I do miss your guyses mega witch I had just started reading, I am kinda of sad I’m I’m glad you guys are not giving up on DCTP not much can be done but you found something, and plus we find out a little more info witch is overlooked so we can have more of a view like Conan/Shinchi insted of Uncle who should think it’s the last thing he’ll remember before solving the case was Conans face, then again look who we’re talking to, the kids did better then he did, even tho Shinchi or Heji helped them, some if their stuff is good, I can’t wait for more!

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